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Real Estate Consulting Beyond The Industry Standard

In recent years, real estate’s collective concept of service has dramatically changed. Part-time and average are no longer good enough. In today’s difficult marketplace, buyers need an intelligent, informative approach to their home search, which is only the first phase of a complex, multi-faceted transaction.

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Kelly Broaddus Group Brokered by eXp is dedicated to:

  • Making our clients as knowledgeable as we are.
  • Keeping our clients informed.
  • Advocating on behalf of our clients' best interests.
  • Minimizing our clients' stress by using our team of resources to navigate the process from the beginning to the close of escrow, and beyond.
  • Creating a lasting relationship because of the impeccable service that our clients love to send their best of friends to.

Collaboration Is Fundamental

A home is more than an investment or a place to live. Your dream home will be where you relax, spend an afternoon savoring a good book enjoying the view of the snow-capped mountains in beautiful Flagstaff or the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona.  It’s a refuge where you recharge, and a place to raise your children and create family memories.

Buying a home is very personal and Kelly Broaddus Group Brokered by eXp team respects your confidence. Through collaboration with our clients, we have succeeded at finding and closing on the right property, at the right price and for the right terms.

Homework Is The First Key

Before a property is even viewed, we need to know who you are, what matters to you, how you live. We will sit down and talk about your lifestyle, your dreams, as well as the features you desire.

Next, we will put you in touch with one of the top mortgage professionals in Coconino County to develop a financing strategy. This information, combined with our conversation, ensures making an informed, knowledgeable search for properties.

Customized Home Search

Because we are active in today’s market, eXp Realty has a vast network of listings of available homes. We use our expertise in the search, and we review and screen all properties ahead of time. Alternatively, we can have new listings automatically emailed to you, setting you up with your own portal to privately and discreetly accept or reject homes. 

As we view properties, The Kelly Broaddus Group Brokered by eXp team encourages clients to become experts themselves. We provide market research and analysis that help you develop an understanding of market and price trends. The more informed you become, the better the process will be. In the end, however, it’s up to you.

Home Search Information

Private Client Group

As a buyer, you want and deserve to have access to all properties offered for sale. Did you know that national statistics show over 38% of homes sold never show up on the most popular web sites and MLS systems?  For a number of reasons, there are sellers here in Flagstaff and Sedona who do not wish to have their properties publicly offered for sale.  This allows us to offer you, the buying client access to properties for sale that no one else has. 

 In addition to the local MLS system, we also offer buyers the advantage of the access that is not available with the average Internet search.  You get special access to additional listings that other buyers do not have, private listings, and the seller gets discreet representation for his property.

Our Private Client Group has a long history of Happy Endings! We have had successful, hassle-free transactions for many years. A real estate transaction can be adversarial between buyers and sellers. This should never be the case. But unfortunately, it happens. Our Private Client Group representing you, we guarantee a win/win, everyone happy!

Negotiation Preparation Is The Second Key

Finding your dream home is only a step in the process. Before writing the first offer, we will review comparable sales and market trends with you. We will also create and review strategies and alternatives throughout negotiations, assuring you are comfortable with the offer and every counter offer.

Resources Are The Final Key For Escrow And Beyond

Kelly Broaddus Group Brokered by eXp has a team of experts who can handle everything from hanging paintings to tax issues to help you close and move into your dream home. One of the most important players is Carolyn Long the transaction coordinator, who will manage all documents, due dates and vendors to ensure an orderly and timely close of escrow.

When Average Won‘t Do

We encourage you to think about what is important to you when you’re choosing a realtor. If ability, experience, market knowledge, expertise and a proven system that can find your dream home are at the top of your list, please contact us via email at or our team number 888.446.5602 at your earliest convenience. We invite you, as a buyer, to enjoy this unfair advantage over other buyers. Everyone wins!