Here’s why there’s no need to worry about a housing market bubble.


Are we in a housing market bubble? That seems to be the big question that’s on everybody’s mind lately, as many people believe that our crazy market is about to crack at the seams. Fortunately, our current market is very different from what we saw in 2008, and today I’ll be illustrating why there’s really not much to worry about.


For your convenience, I’ve included timestamps for today’s video topic. Feel free to navigate to the section(s) you’re most interested in viewing:


(00:08) — Introduction to today’s topic: Are we in a bubble?

(00:51) — Our market is different from the one that crashed in 2008

(01:56) — Lending practices have drastically changed

(02:54) — Everything is verified nowadays

(04:08) — The COVID-19 pandemic played a huge role in our blazing-hot market

(04:47) — It’s a completely different ballgame for buyers and sellers right now

(05:40) — Things may be starting to calm down slightly

(06:41) — Conclusion to today’s video


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