Now is a great time to sell your home. Here’s why.


Why is now the best time to consider selling your home?  


For one thing, we’re seeing an unprecedented surge in demand and a lack of inventory. When the pandemic first hit, a lot of people pulled their homes off the market. None of us knew what would happen or expected the kind of demand we’re seeing. There are more buyers than there are available homes. As a result, the homes that are available are fetching multiple offers, and their sales prices are much higher than what they were listed at. 


Obviously, this is great news for sellers. We don’t know how long this situation will last, but we do know that now’s a wonderful time to put your home on the market. 


What’s fueling this buyer frenzy? Mortgage rates are very low, and people can afford higher monthly mortgage payments. Let’s face it—the question on most buyers’ minds is, “What will this home cost me every single month?” They’re not thinking as much about the overall list price. So not only can sellers sell for more money, but money is also very cheap to borrow at the moment. 


"Now’s a wonderful time to put your home on the market.."


Also, due to COVID-19, many people have stopped traveling. The next best thing to traveling is buying yourself a mountain home, so we’re also seeing a surge in secondary home purchases. On top of that, many more people are working from home. It’s not required to live in a certain city for work purposes, so we’ve seen a flood of buyers move here because they love the area. These buyers want the home they’ll be working from to be their sanctuary, so they’re spending more than what they’d normally spend to get what they want. 


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