Today I’m sharing my experience with home schooling as well as a special offer I’m extending to first responders. 


As a single mother supporting five children under the age of 13, I faced many trials, not the least of which was home schooling; back then, we lived in an area where the schools were particularly difficult, and none of my children liked attending whatsoever. It was a challenge for them to convince me to home-school them (a whole different story for a different time), but I ultimately did choose to bring them home and teach them myself. 


There are a lot of important details in this story, but I wanted to share the outcome: My children ended up making it just fine. One is a graduate student at Northern Arizona University, another earned his finance degree and works for me, and another teaches violin and art. 


The bottom line: When it comes to home-schooling your children, really loving them and doing the best you can is enough. You don’t need to stress about whether or not you’re doing it right, or if you should do more—just being there for them and doing the basic things is very powerful. In a future video, I might delve into the specific things that we did together; it’s a pretty remarkable story, and my kids are pretty remarkable people if I do say so myself. 



"Despite everything that’s happening, there are still a lot of opportunities out there."



Two of them are educators. Hannah, the violin and art teacher, is making her courses available online during this time of quarantine. Here’s what I’m excited to offer: Any first responders who sign their child up for art, violin, or guitar lessons with Hannah, I want to contribute half of that month’s lesson cost. Rebecca, the NAU graduate student who studies music performance, is teaching piano online right now. My offer applies to her lessons as well. 


First responders include nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, etc. If you’re not a first responder but still want your kids to have some kind of lessons, give me a call, find me on Facebook, or send an email—I’d be thrilled to get you hooked up!


As always, reach out with any real estate-related questions; I’m here for you, ready to help in any way I can.