Featuring one of the coolest movers and shakers in the Flagstaff area.

Today, I'm starting a new series where I will feature or interview the awesome and interesting movers and shakers that live here in Flagstaff. The first person is a woman who I met at Walgreens, named Stacy Konecny.

She tames wild mustangs and enters competitions in the fall. The most exciting thing about this is the little horse that she got. I was able to film her when she brought the horse home. I'm going to go and check on them every couple of weeks to see her progress. This little horse is from Wyoming and she's filmed this particular herd for a long time. She also has photographs of this horse when she was born in the wild. 

There are a whole lot of other people that I found that I want to interview and feature. If any of you have any suggestions about someone that you think I should talk to or I should do a series on, please reach out to me at (928) 606-6749. Let me know who this is and why you think I should feature them.