These 10 tips will improve your showings and help your selling process.

Today I’m continuing my series on selling a home by going over my 10 tips for a successful home showing: 

1. Clean your home thoroughly. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, mop and vacuum the hardwood floors, clean the grout if there’s tile, clean the windows, polish the appliances, and make sure your bathrooms are very clean. This can be done by a good housekeeper. 

2. Depersonalize and declutter. If possible, rent a storage area to put some of your items, or you can use your garage as long as you store things neatly. Also, remove family photos and other knickknack items. 

3. Rearrange the furniture as needed. Remove furniture to make the rooms bigger and put pieces in any empty rooms. Make sure the pieces that you keep in rooms are helping the situation. 

"Think about which items are truly helping the home."

4. Work on your curb appeal. Don't forget that the outside of your home will make or break the first impression for the buyer. Tasks for this change depending on the season, but some common tasks would be planting flowers, mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds. 

5. Keep the storage spaces tidy. For example, when buyers open your pantry, they shouldn’t see one that’s full and messy. The closets, pantry, and garage should be tidy and look inviting. 

6. Highlight the best features of your home. Identify the most attractive things about your home and beautify them. For example, if you have beautiful hardwood floors, make sure your rugs aren’t covering them. Also, don’t hide your stainless steel appliances with magnets and towels. 

7. Secure your belongings. I've never heard of anything happening, but it's always safe to keep personal things like important paperwork and jewelry secure during showings. 

8. Have a plan for pets and kids. Know where your kids and pets can go when there's a showing. You want the buyers’ experience to be great, so when there's a dog barking in the garage, their first impression will not be pleasant. 

9. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. If tours are happening while you're at work and you usually turn the heat off, make sure to leave it on so that buyers will be comfortable when they're touring your home. Then in the summertime, make sure the air conditioner is on and it's comfortable in your home. 

10. Create an inviting atmosphere. Do things like play music, leave the lights on, keep the blinds open, and leave some refreshments out. Also, throw the trash away when they leave. 

Those are my tips and tricks for when your home is being shown. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me! I'm happy to help anytime.