7 Home Features that  Buyers Love,  A Guide to Home Sellers
1. Storage

First time home buyers are usually renters. Rental homes notoriously lack storage space leading to

cluttered homes and overflowing cabinets. For home owners wanting an upgrade, having built in storage amenities, extra closets, pantries, good sized storage space is a motivator to buy a home when looking over similarly sized properties.

Having more storage space means that special knickknacks accumulated over the years will have its own special place. An under the bed storage feature will keep extra pillows, bedding, shoes out of sight and free up closet space. Shelves and cabinets under the stairs? Yes please!

When preparing your home to be shown, box up or get rid of all you can to give the illusion of more space.  Make sure all your drawers, cabinets, and closets are well organized. A potential buyer will be visualizing themselves living in your home, they will feel more welcome and attracted if everything is in it's place.

2. Organizing Systems

Customized or built-in closets, kitchen or garage organizer systems, desks or bookshelves are strong differentiators in competitive markets and price ranges. Potential buyers will be able to justify a higher price with these extras in place.

3. Proximity Specifics

Location, location, location. Buyer's preferences differ. A single working guy or gal might prefer something close to work. A family with several children might prefer the burbs. A home located near mass transportation, market, school, church or the mall, walkable dining districts may be a plus. Obviously you cannot change your location, but you can do some simple things to enhance your locale. Plants and flowers are always a plus.

 4. Senior Friendly Features

Aging relatives may live with extended families. This means level in entrances,  a suite on the ground floor or a completely independent living quarter that will accommodate an in law or an aging relative.  A home having multiple bedrooms with bathroom en suite will be a draw to home buyers with extended families. Handrails installed in hallways or whenever stairs are prese

nt is convenient to people in their 70's and 80's. Take special note if this may be an area you are part of and if these things would be a possible selling point.

5. Energy Efficiencies

With energy costs on the rise, saving money is a concern for homeowners.  Skylights are often uppermost in the  minds of most people when trying to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Skylights improve houses' heating, lighting and ventilation. Having skylights on a home is a major plus for people looking to save on energy expenses.

 Fans installed throughout the home saves on cooling costs spent on air conditioning. Appliance with energy star ratings can save the owner substantial amount of money each year.

Carpets and rugs not only add aesthetic value but also help trap heat that would save  money in heating costs.

6. Green Features

A greenhouse or an organic kitchen garden in place , a backyard compost bin are features that add value when considering similar homes in a neighborhood.

Home with greenhouse

7. Chemical Free/ Hypoallergenic Maintenance

This may appeal to people with specific physical and philosophical sensitivities.

In today's competitive market, it pays to do our homework in the area our homes are located and finding out how many dollars should be invested to get the biggest return. Hiring an experienced, trained Realtor is a must to maximize the potential of your property and get the highest price possible.

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